Chemical Peels

Layered Rejunvenative Facial

Turn back the hands of time during your lunch hour with a combination of Microdermabrasion, Illuminize Peel®, and Eye Bright.

Illuminize Peel by Allergan

A gentle yet effective peel with absolutely no down time. Light, freshening exfoliating peel, that generally doesn’t cause much flaking or peeling. Good for an instant freshening, acne control, light spot reduction, pore unclogging, and fine line reduction. Often can be performed last minute to look fresher for an event. Get the Illuminize Peel® before that big night out on the town! Great gift idea for that someone special.

Vitalize Peel by Allergan

Light-medium depth peel, will cause a few days of flaking and peeling to remove old, damaged skin layer and stimulate fresh healthy cells. Reverse age-related changes, sun damage, or acne. Brightens your complexion while stimulating healthy cell turnover. This will treat same issues as Illuminize Peel more quickly and intensively.

Retexturing System (ANEW Skin Clarifying Program)

This 17% TCA peel will go deeper than the Vitalize peel and treats many of the same issues, including wrinkles, spots, scars and acne. The new generation formula will not sting and burn on application, making it much more comfortable than older, weaker strength peels, but will yield same amazing results as older versions. The peeling is designed for a timed-release process, so will not be as visibly noticeable to others.

Refreshening System (ANEW Skin Clarifying Program)

This revolutionary system will rapidly fade irregular pigmentation, including stubborn melasma and neck/chest spots, without discomfort or recovery time. In fact, this powerful treatment is also so gently effective, most people feel an improvement the next day.

Gentle Acne System (ANEW Skin Clarifying Program)

Acne is a condition that can be managed, not a disease that can be cured until the body’s hormones and aging changes decide to cure itself. We are quite familiar with the teenage version of acne, but many adults, women in perimenopause in particular, experience acne. The Gentle Acne System is Tough on acne, yet gentle on skin! This system combines powerful acne-busting compounds applied in the office, with ongoing maintenance products at home that will help keep acne under control, often without the need for oral medications. There is much less of the irritation, redness and flaking associated with traditional acne treatments.

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