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Anew Advanced Zerona Laser Fat Reduction Results
Our body contouring service at Anew Medspa Clinic consists of clinically FDA proven…non-invasive therapies that can reduce that stubborn unwanted adipose fat & cellulite without scarring, bruising, or downtime. Men and women alike struggle with problem areas where fat refuses to budge regardless of their diet and exercise regimen…which is why body contouring is beneficial.

We offer the following body contouring services and information:

  • Anew Advanced Zerona Laser fat Reduction
  • VASER Shape Ultrasound

How the Anew Advanced Laser Fat Reduction Works

The Anew Advanced Zerona Laser Fat Reduction science works by using red spectrum laser light technology to damage fat cells…allowing the body to flush it away through the lymphatic system.

This technology is non-invasive…allowing your lymphatic system to naturally eliminate damaged fat cells from the treatment area. This allows for better long-term results…better health…while maintaining a natural appearance…treatments vary from 40 to 80 minutes.

Treatments are recommended twice a week…although results will be seen with one visit a week with the 80 minute Power Sessions. To maximize your results we recommend 64 oz of water a day, light exercise, and eating a healthy / smart…while minimizing alcohol.

How the Vaser Ultrasound Works

We use ultrasound diathermy to safely and effectively generate localized heat beneath the skin’s surface…this heat damages the fat cells…with your body then processing these damaged fat cells through your lymphatic system…naturally excreting toxins & fat.

This creates a “micro massage” effect on the fat cells, which stimulates the redistribution of fat and enhances blood circulation. This therapy reduces the appearance of fat and cellulite without any incisions, which means no scarring. There is no need for a recovery period or disruption to your normal day-to-day activities, and results are often seen immediately.

This therapy is ideal for all your stubborn fat areas including upper and lower abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, buttocks, and lower legs.

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  • 12 Month Zero Interest Financing via Care Credit.
  • Free Consultations with Clinical Medical Aesthetic Specialists.
  • Over 80 Years Combined Industry Experience w/Practicing Partners.
  • Anew Medspa Clinics are known for proven results while looking REAL!
  • Advanced Training Facility for Galderma, Suneva and Sciton Lasers.
  • The ONLY Clinic offering Dual Advanced Zerona Fat Loss.